We went to Seattle as a mini vacation and returned last night. I love the Pacific Northwest and have dreams of one day moving there. The week leading up to our trip promised rain, but we were surprised upon arrival with the lack of it.

Some highlights:

  • Hiking McClellan Butte – Roughly 4 miles uphill, and totally worth it.
McClellan Butte

  • Space Needle – We missed this last time because of the renovations.

View of Puget Sound

Some artsy shit

  • Seeing good friends
  • Pikes Place Market when it isn’t wet and slippery
  • Lots of not-Starbucks coffee
  • Kurt Cobain’s Seattle home next to Viretta Park – Made it out on a beautiful day and there seemed to be a steady stream of pilgrims paying homage to his memory. There was also a full menthol JUUL cartridge left as tribute.
Kurt Cobain bench in Viretta Park

  • Really great food
Waiting on salmon sinigang