We got married!

The days leading up to this day were nuts. A week before, I supplied my mom and brother with maps leading to 1) Home to their Airbnb, 2) their Airbnb to the venue, and 3) the venue to their Airbnb. The night before the wedding, we had our families over for dinner. Not only was my family 2 hours late to dinner, but they ignored the maps I had supplied and got stuck in soft sand – exactly what I had feared. It took us about a half an hour to even locate them in the pitch darkness, and then when we finally did, it was probably another 45 minutes for Jordan and my brother to dig the car out, while I stayed about a quarter of a mile away (so as not to ALSO get stuck in sand), trying to phone roadside assistance for a tow truck. That was a harrowing evening, and on top of everything, we got back to our venue/Airbnb and discovered the hot water wasn’t working. We were already tired from the long day. We had attended a funeral in the morning, then ventured up to Lancaster to pick up our food from our caterer, then took some unfamiliar back roads through the high desert to Yucca Valley.

I woke up extremely early the day of the wedding. My mind kept running through all the things I needed to accomplish before people arrived. I started decorating the night before but injured my thumb pretty horribly. That was another thing – my thumb was throbbing so badly I couldn’t sleep. And guess what! Some of my decorations and florals had blown away in strong winds overnight. At this point, I didn’t care if the whole place burned down; I just wanted to have that marriage license signed.

My family was driving me crazy. Jordan and I both had our moments of being annoyed by everything and everyone, though I’m pretty sure it was mostly my family being annoying.

The wind picked up by the afternoon, and messed up our plans for an outdoor dinner. This was something that was important to Jordan. He worked tirelessly for a week to build a cedar table that would not only seat all of us, but would ultimately serve as our dining table. The only thing we could do was move it inside. Thanks to our family, they set everything up while we went to take romantic photos and also heated up all of the catered food to prep for eating. Where would we be without them?

In the end though, we had the short ceremony of our dreams (around 10 minutes long), a signed marriage license, and bunch of beautiful wedding photos that look like editorials. AND an unexpected stop motion video – a pleasant surprise from our photographer Max Junio Photography. It actually does feel a bit different to be on the other side.

Finally Vaccinated

Almost a year since we started working remotely, and we are both getting the vaccine. I got my first dose today. I was rejected back in January since even though I’m a healthcare worker, I don’t have direct contact with patients. But it was opened up to us again. I’m excited that I’m closer to being with my friends and family again.

Blurred out because I don’t want people stealing my personal info.

New year, new job

I started a new job at the beginning of this month. I left Disney back in January and ended up having an unexpected 3 weeks off before I started this new one.

I took this job knowing that it would be a challenge. But I’m realizing it’s like going to a country when you only kinda know the language, and you’re only understanding about half of what everyone says to you, and only absorbing about half of what you do understand. It’s discouraging knowing that it’s a mountain to climb. I haven’t felt this dumb in a while, but in some ways I’m happy to be where I am. I feel lucky and also I have a lot of respect for the people and teams I work with. I wonder when the anxiety will stop.

I live super close to work and have been able to walk home sometimes. It’s a leisurely 25-minute walk when I take it slow. I’m also able to work from home half the week, but I haven’t yet because I’m still figuring stuff out.

For now I’ve accepted that I can’t know everything right now. I’ll be anxious and confused and constantly questioning, but I just have to be all of those things right now in order to get to the other side.


I recently got engaged to the best man I know. I feel extremely lucky. It’s not a surprise, to be honest. We’ve been talking about marriage for a long time. I just didn’t know when it would happen. But when it did, I was caught off guard, and it was perfect the way he did it.

We were in Banff, Alberta, Canada. We like to take a cold vacation every year, and boy did this one deliver. At the coldest, it was -2° F (-19° C), which was a first for me. I had never been in weather so bitterly cold that it hurt to breathe. But despite the cold, we still managed to get out and enjoy the beauty of the Canadian Rockies. We saw loads of frozen lakes, frozen waterfalls, frozen rivers, wildlife… we ate Canadian food, which is not unlike American food, but it is more in touch with the wilderness. We treated ourselves to expensive meals, tours, activities and maple cream cookies. It was an active trip.

In the end, I know I can look forward to being with my best friend for life. It’s been a strange feeling. Partly feels the same, but also feels weird to be on this side of a relationship. A lot of my anxiety actually has more to do with the ceremony and wedding than the actual marriage. In a lot of ways we’ve been “married” for a while. We’re open about our finances together, make decisions together and support each other in every aspect. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs, and I’m just not convinced anyone else can love me as fully and unconditionally the way he does. He tries so hard to make our life good, and I can’t take that for granted.

Ok, here are some photos:

Center of town, Banff, looking towards Cascade Mountain.

Sulphur Mountain

View of the town of Banff from Sulphur Mountain.

View of Cascade Mountain from Sulphur Mountain

Christmas-y trees over Bow River Valley.

All trees are Christmas trees here.

More Christmas trees, Sulphur Mountain.

Sulphur Mountain

Sulphur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station

Frozen waterfall, Johnston Canyon lower falls.

Wild elk

Frozen Lake Minnewanka (or Lake “Willy Wonka”)

Waiting for sports to end.

Almost missed it.

Lone wolf


A small chair.


We went to Seattle as a mini vacation and returned last night. I love the Pacific Northwest and have dreams of one day moving there. The week leading up to our trip promised rain, but we were surprised upon arrival with the lack of it.

Some highlights:

  • Hiking McClellan Butte – Roughly 4 miles uphill, and totally worth it.

McClellan Butte

  • Space Needle – We missed this last time because of the renovations.

View of Puget Sound

Some artsy shit

  • Seeing good friends
  • Pikes Place Market when it isn’t wet and slippery
  • Lots of not-Starbucks coffee
  • Kurt Cobain’s Seattle home next to Viretta Park – Made it out on a beautiful day and there seemed to be a steady stream of pilgrims paying homage to his memory. There was also a full menthol JUUL cartridge left as tribute.

Kurt Cobain bench in Viretta Park

  • Really great food

Waiting on salmon sinigang