Quarantine Productivity

Me sanding it down for painting and finishing

At the beginning of quarantine, Jordan and I restored my grandmother’s sewing table. We picked it up from my mom’s and stuffed it in the back of my car. Jordan wasn’t exactly impressed with what I decided to take home. He asked what my plans were, and I said, “Maybe we could paint it! That would be a good project for you!” He wasn’t confident we could do it, but I had pretty good baseline of knowledge on how to accomplish this based on my years of watching HGTV. This was a great project for us, and it actually sparked an interest for him to start building furniture and restoring other furniture items. Now we spend some of our Saturdays at estate sales, picking furniture to restore.

Painting it minty blue

With old hardware cleaned and re-attached

Back to the main story: I’ve been wanting to have a sewing space for a very long time, but I’ve just never had the room for it. We slowly started to put together a space for me to organize all of my sewing stuff and fabrics.

Round 1 of organizing
More evolved solution

It took quite a long time because I couldn’t figure out an ideal layout in the small corner we have to work with. When I finally figured it out, I couldn’t get all the things I needed in one go because of stores being shut due to COVID, then low stock and then delivery times being really long. Things finally started trickling in. It’s still evolving as I learn about what does and doesn’t work. I’ve been using our kitchen island as a cutting/workspace while we have my actual cutting table being used as a desk for both of us. I’ve been properly using my new space for the last couple of weekends, and I already have ideas for improvement. I used to hate the idea of getting everything out just to sew, knowing I had to put it ALL away again right after (or else be forced to live with the clutter). Now I look forward to making all the projects I’ve had backlogged!

Quilted a machine cover
Which doubles as an organizer
Also working on my capsule wardrobe
Peek-a-boo slit-sleeves. By the way, I also made all of those keyboard covers in the background lol


Capsule Wardrobe

I recently decided to work my way through Breaking the Pattern: A Modern Way to Sew in an effort to improve my sewing skills. Something I’m trying to teach myself is patience. I know a lot of my sewing projects are ruined by my impatience, as I rush to get things done. I know it can be an incredibly rewarding skill. I recently made our Renaissance Faire costumes (though not the pants), and it made me realize that I need to and want to dedicate more time to it.

Renaissance Faire 2019.

So I’ve decided to sew myself a whole capsule wardrobe. I think this should take me several months but I’m taking my time.

It’s a useful and rewarding skill, and I hope to one day get to the point where I’m wearing nothing that I didn’t make.