Love in a time of quarantine

I’ve been lucky enough to be working at a time like this. I’m realizing now how accidentally strategic my choices have been.

We’ve been holed up as much as possible during quarantine. We moved house in the middle of it (couldn’t really avoid it), and everyone is happy, including the cat, but it’s strange to have moved at a time like this. You can’t really even get things you need to make it a home.

The new normal is so odd. Shopping with a mask is normal. I went to an electronics store to set up my home office, and we looked like we were going to rob the place while we walked around.

I have virtual happy hour with my friends.

You can’t find chicken or eggs. Who knew that chicken was the meat of the apocalypse? We’ve been eating tofu because it’s widely available. I would go back to vegan for now but I’m on a special diet. I’ve been losing weight even more so now, but I suppose that’s good. 

I haven’t seen my mom in ages, for fear of infecting her, but we talk or video chat nearly every day.

But the best part is I at least get to be holed up with my best friend, with whom I fight a lot, but he makes me better and still loves me with my lost logic. I am the worst person in front of the best person but it’s great. For someone as high strung as me, he’s wonderful.